New Scroll Bar On My Cool Blogs

If you take a look on my right side bar in my “Cool Blogs”. You will see a difference. It already has a scroll bar!

After how many days of digging seriously of finding the “/* Sidebar Content */” on our HTML. Finally we were able to know where to place the code. Thanks to Mabel who guided us to the very end until we got the right one.

I was not interested on putting a scroll bar in my blog list at first. Sister Irenie was the one who kulit me to help her on the codes. Bugging me all day just to find where to go and what were the code to be put in HTML. Imagine? she slept almost at 6 am already the other day just for her to place a scroll bar on her blog. Yet the scroll bar didn’t show up. So I said OK let me give it a try. Until it interest me to insert the scroll bar in my blog, since I am familiar on the HTML codes thing. But I didnt know that it was that complicated.

It was a bit hard for me to get the right one since we dont have the “/*Sidebar… in our HTML. There maybe have other name for it. Well it was tricky coz I realized when I check my code it was mispelled. It should be BlogList1 and not Bloglist1. After that? Tsaraaan… We got it finally!

Thank you very much Mabel for your help. We can’t just thank enough for guiding us to get the right and proper code.

You wanna know how to do this? Just click here: Tips For New Bloggers.

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2 Responses to “New Scroll Bar On My Cool Blogs”

  1. jHeLea says:

    haay naku girl na addict na si Manang Irenie sa blog hehehe

  2. merce says:

    Grabe mo!ang galing n’yo….

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