Who Introduced You To Blogging?

I was not into blogging before. I don’t even know what and how would it do for us. Until Anne introduced me to it.

I should have write this before but I can’t find the exact words on how to express my thoughts about her. We haven’t meet yet but the friendship was bonded and rooted through internet. As long as I could remember. We have met and chatted first in public chat in one of the site we signed up before. Actually we both found our partners on the said site. That was the first day our friendship starts. That every time we got the chance to chat that even a single hi and hello would cheer up my boredom at home.

My friends may be amazed of how update I am with web sites and all. It was because of Anne actually. She was the one who told me first about Picture Trail in which I also sign up before, second was Multiply Homepage in which I am active as the moment. And lastly Blogging. She have given me details on how to join and even gave me some information that I sometimes can’t understand on a certain web site and help me through it.

To you Anne : Thank you very much for introducing me to all of those sites. I really do appreciate it a lot. I might not say this very often but I would like to let you know that our friendship is one of those treasures I have, I am going to keep. Thank you for keeping me as one of your friends. I know you’ve got a million and I am so lucky that I am one of those.

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2 Responses to “Who Introduced You To Blogging?”

  1. texas_sweetie says:

    hala ka diha,messages mga ingon ani makapakurat sa akong kalag ug makapatandog sa akong balatian tungod talagsa ra jud taw mo appreciate kanaku. salamat pud kay imo gi bandera ako pangalan dinhi ning imong payag uyamot! haha

  2. anne says:

    walay sapayan ann basta ikaw hehehe

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