Is This The Sign?

Honey called me last night to informed me of our applications for our visa. We were asked to have those papers again because they were not able to find some of our papers. They are still looking for it up to now, they ask for duplicates if in case.

We have that put on hold before maybe the reasons of some delays. But whatever will be the outcome for this. I am still 101 percent sure. We will be together at the end.

Will it be the signs for the progress of our applications? Only God knows. We are just praying for the best. I believed God will never forsake us. He will answer our wishes sooner or later. I will crossed my finger to that!

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2 Responses to “Is This The Sign?”

  1. jHeLea says:

    Mao gyud girl only God knows!!!be patient at the end all your payers will be answered….

  2. Maricel says:

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