Ticklish Night

I never expected that Faith is ticklish as her sister Ate MJ. Because when I tried to tickle her before she did not even react. Unlikely now. When Ate MJ tickle her on her side and legs. She would squirm a lot and will really laugh.

Her laugh is not obvious though, you can just notice that she laugh because she will open her mouth so wide with her little Chinese eyes all a sudden. Yes she has big round brown eyes but whenever she smile and laugh expect her eyes shape to be little as Chinese eyes.

As Faith cannot tickle her Ate MJ. I tickle her for Faith as a revenge. She stopped for a moment though when she saw her Ate MJ laugh so loud. She maybe wondering what happen to her Ate MJ. Because she was already screaming and told me to stop. Faith just moved the moment I stopped tickling her Ate MJ. She smiled again afterwards.

Last night was my moment with the kids. That later Ate Mariel joined us in our little bonding.

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