Hearing Mass With Your Toddler

It is truly annoying when you are trying to concentrate on hearing mass every Sunday and as soon you enter the Church you could see children running around. Or as it worst when they cry so loud while the Priest is having his gospel testimony. But you could not just stop them or they will act up.

“It shouldn’t even reach the stage when your child will cry and scream. You should know when your child is bound to act up, and it’s important to set the rules before you go out.”

The first thing to remember in keeping a Sunday mass sacred is appropriateness. You should ask: Is it okay to bring my child to church? If you think that your little one will be able to sit through the hour without fidgeting, then here’s what you can do to prepare.

  1. The reason for hearing mass may not be clear to a toddler, but you can still bring her along. Tell your child to “look at what Mommy or Daddy is doing,” and you can pretend that you’re playing a game where your child must keep quiet and be still. A child who is 2 or 3 years of age will not be able to grasp the concept of going to church just yet, so you will have to show her how to behave in mass. “Speak to your child in a whisper and she will imitate you,”
  2. As your child enters the preschool years, she will be more curious about the need to hear mass. This is when you can explain to your child how a mass goes. You can teach her mass songs and tell her when to sit, stand, or kneel. At this point, your child will definitely be more observant, so you can now tell her that she has to be silent so she won’t disturb the people around her.

It is important to keep your rules while your out. Be firm with what you agreed upon when you are still inside of your house. And reward them when they follow the rules.

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2 Responses to “Hearing Mass With Your Toddler”

  1. Call Center Gal says:

    When I was a child my mom always prod me to go to mass and participate well in the Holy Celebration of the mass.

    My mom just told me to kneel, sit, pray, sing and totally behave. 😉 I guess my mom was successful in that effort to influence me in that way.

    Thanks for coming up with a very good observation about these things and pull it out together in a short, sweet post. 😉

  2. anne says:

    thank you for the comment gurl… My eldest daughter love to go to church and behave as well too

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