It Rained So Hard

I supposed to go to funeral today. But due to some errands I was not able to do so. I thought to bring MJ to her Doctor but her fever just gone this morning. It was just later tonight that I learned her stomachache struck her periodically. Maybe tomorrow I really will. Sister suspected it might be an ulcer already.

When I was already outside this afternoon to begin my transaction. The weather started to look bad. The breeze was getting very cold. I thought It will not rain that hard. But just when I was about to cross to the other street to smart bro office. The rain all suddenly dropped and the wind blows so hard too. As I do not always like to bring with me an umbrella. I was stuck in one corner of the street. I am already near at the Smart Bro office but I just cannot cross over the street full of flood already.

I got no choice but to detour. I called a taxi cab and went to Gaisano Mall instead to buy Faith’s a medicine. It was the same medicine she took last Monday but she already ran out of it so I have to buy another one to complete the seven days prescription. I also bought her food. I was so glad she was able to eat the whole container of Gerber when I got home. She is doing alright now. I hope after seven days her cough is gone.

I was also able to pay my internet connection in the Mall. I should straightly went there. I realized that there is Smart Bro office where I could pay inside the mall. I could not have been all wet when I arrived there.

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  1. Foreign-Marriages says:

    Hi anne

    Yep, i remember that Davao always have a flood. Gosh i do that all the time before cleaning the house after the hard rained. Because water all over the place and get inside too.

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