Officially Disconnected

Few days ago Bayantel’s collector had been bugging me. Sending me the bill statement every now and then. Now, Do not think I am not a good payer. From Light Bills to Grocery I always have my share. And I see to it that everything is settled before I buy something for myself. Mostly I just don’t buy things, which I think, I don’t need.
Last June, I noticed that Bayantel is not sending my bill statement on time. It took them two months to send it with the two months fee. And knowing, that I am so keen in regards to my bills. I should have the statement before I will pay. That is my principle. Because I always attached my receipt with the billing statement so in case, if there will be discrepancy that I’ll have to clarify later. I all have the documents to represent.

I already made a complaint on June regarding their delays of sending the bills. I thought they would follow what they had promised that they will not going to do it again. That they will make sure I have my bill statement on time so I don’t get any charges or whatsoever.

But I think they just forgot or they just simply don’t value the customer. So I decided not to bother to call after two months again of not receiving any statement from them. Suddenly after three months of not hearing them they send me my bill statements with charges. I still did not contact them. Until I received a notice from their lawyer saying I have to pay or else they will force to apply a case against me.

I immediately went there yesterday not because I was scared of their threat but because I think it is time for them to hear me. I tried to hold my temper though, trying to be at ease but when I was already in the customer service. I cannot hold it anymore. I burst out all the things inside me and commanded the lady to disconnect the line and never bugged me anymore. I paid them right there and then. And made her write on a piece of paper that inline with the payment I made yesterday should also be their last service to me.

Sometimes you should be persistent and assertive of what you want or else they will never hear you. Forcing them with all your might so the things that you want to be done the soonest as possible will be carried out.

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4 Responses to “Officially Disconnected”

  1. jHeLea says:

    hahaha…..murag si Gabriela Silang ka girl….I salute you!!!!korek gyud ka sometimes we have to be assertive to be heard

  2. anne says:

    hahahaha ug dili yawyawan dili man molihok. hala sige yawyawan na lang

  3. jack says:

    They deserve to lose good paying costumers. I am planning to get a bayantel but now, I guess, it’s not good anymore to think of getting their service. Thanks for the post.

  4. anne says:

    At first i was amazed of their wireless service but when I already have it. Whenever I called my friends a lot of disconnection happens and mostly the other line cannot hear me. My neighbor have the same service with mine. But said its ok now. I don’t know but for me I will never go back to get their service again even if the line has been fixed. I got a bad experience from them so I think that was enough.

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