I Am Going Somewhere

Honey promised me that I could pay the reservation I have made in the agency I went to yesterday. As his gift, he let me to go somewhere on my natal day this month. A precious gift I will never forget.
Furthermore, I also have to buy Faith a walker since I think she already needs it. She is trying her best to escape from me and wanted me to put her in the floor. She already can stand up on her own also in the crib so I think she is ready for a walker.

Tomorrow will be tuition fee time again. The exam of the kids are fast approaching I am sure the money I have in my hand now will just slipped away. Got many things I have always to consider I am not complaining at that, it is just if you don’t know how to budget your money. You will be left with nothing on both hands. To worsen you still have things to pay. Tightening your belt more is the only way to get through with financing stuff.

I have to go now. I should take a nap since I slept too late last night, well as always. And faith woke up so early as 3:00 a.m. Aaaargghs I need to recharge!

Have a nice day folks!

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3 Responses to “I Am Going Somewhere”

  1. merce says:

    Buhay nanay nga naman…good day anne!

  2. texas_sweetie says:

    haha layf sa inahan.. d pana mao..

  3. jHeLea says:

    mao gyud na girl….dali lang gyud ang money gastohon hehehe….

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