Ultimate Blogger Follower Party

Ultimate Blogger Follower Party

Actually the party is just starting at can of thoughts blogsphere and I would like to share this all to you. This would increase your blog popularity, advertise your products and meet friends all around the world. Isn’t it great?

Heres the mechanics:

  1. RSVP on Mr. Linky by inserting the title of your blog in the Name box and type your blog url in the URL box.
  2. Then click the name of all the fellow party goers and add them on blogs that you “follow“.
  3. If you haven’t added this feature of blogger in your blog, please Add the follower feature of Blogger anywhere in your blog (would appreciate if you put it on a more visible area so we can find it easily) by going to your Dashboard, Layout, Add Gadgets then hit the Follower feature.
  4. Sit back and relax and see your follower grow from 0 to however many party goers that we can get.

Now, what is it for you:

  • By joining the party, you can promote your blog and/or your products.
  • You will meet other blogger and be able to hang out.
  • You can instantly increase your number of followers, giving you a higher popularity.

Just visit Can of Thoughts for more details. What are you waiting for join now!

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