For Terry Anthony

It has been two years now that we know each other. And those two years being with you have given me enough joy and happiness. You are truly my knight in shining armor who has taught me to believe the true meaning of LOVE. That despite of my imperfection, your genuine feelings for me never stopped. You are like an angel who went down from heaven, to let me feel how being loved and pampered as you always do.

How fortunate I am to found the true love in you that everyone dreams about. It is because of you and your love that makes me whole. It is because of you why I always face the world with smile. Even if at times life is not being fair.

To be apart from you is not easy but we have to endure this so we can be together and never be parted again. Your promised I always look up to because I believed in every word you said. You love me and I love you. We have tested the time and effortlessly we made it and I know there will be no storms that we could not overcome.

I can see myself with you in the future, and no matter what happen, I want you to know that my love will never fade nor vanished. It is you and the kids who made my life so good and beautiful.

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3 Responses to “For Terry Anthony”

  1. campjk says:

    This is really sweet, Ate Anne πŸ™‚ You are both blessed with a love that’s bound to stand the test of time and distance. And just the fact that you have each other to count on to at any time, makes this journey a lot easier to bear, face, and conquer..We wish your family the best always πŸ™‚ mwaah

  2. anne says:

    thank you kirsti and I am looking forward for hundreds and even millions of years being together

  3. jHeLea says:

    touched ko sa post mo girl….Indeed, you are fortunate to have Terry in your life….happy ko for you girl…stay in love…

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