Sharing The Flame

Some people said that if you lit a candle in the church. It can help you make your wishes come true, that only if the flame of the candle will stay until the candle itself melt down. Once the flame will shut off, your wishes will not come true.

After I dropped by at Mj’s school. I went to church in shrine. When I finish uttered my prayer, I went beside the church so I can buy a candle and light it right away. After I said the novena I notice that almost of the candles were shut off.

I was thinking, if these candles were lit by people who asked their wishes come true. if what they said is true then whoever lits these candles cannot have their wishes become true. So what I did since I have the flame on my candle kicking. I got one candle and distributed the flame of my candle to theirs. As I was not yet satisfied of lighting one candle, I lit all of them. So whoever left the candle there, not knowing that it was blown by the wind, would have his dreams become a reality.

Sounds silly but if it is true at least I have shared the flame of my candle to theirs so to hearsay they could have whatever dreams they had wished.

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2 Responses to “Sharing The Flame”

  1. Selina Tankersley says:

    dang gi hulat unta nimo hantud ma-upos ang imong kandila para sure gyud, hehe happy birthday bitaw dai pareha nata age.

  2. anne says:

    lol hulat ko perti pa tung dugaya matingala na unya tong nangabot nga nag light sad ug kandila ngano sige ko pag sindi sa uban candle. Mag tugon unya ug pabantayan sad ila kandila nga mapalong kay nagtuo sila na basin mao na ako trabaho didto tigsindi sa mga kandila nga namatay. mao ray ato ani ron hehehhe

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