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Creepy Aircon

I slept too late last night here in the pension house we stayed in for I have to make up of dropping EC. Good thing that Clarinda brought her laptop with her needless to say she also has to review for her exam today.As I finished dropping EC I log off the laptop then brushed my teeth and ready to bed. Clarinda slept ahead of me so to be ready with her GRE exam today since she already studied the necessary points for Math.

After a while when I was lying in bed I can’t breath all so sudden I believe I was conscious because I can still see light in the room even I covered myself with blanket. I tried to move and successfully catch my breath, I have to do it three times because it happens to me three times too, and I have to move with all my might so I can breath.

When I was able to already forget the whole world, it was later at dawn that I feel it was really hot as I thought Clarinda turn the aircon off I just bear with the temperature of the room.

In the morning we hear the telephone rang, it was the operator told us that our breakfast is ready for us. I asked Clarinda right away if she turns the aircon off she said no and thought also that I was the one who shut it off.

We looked at each other and I was wondering if there’s someone here last night other than us? I checked our bag quickly and found nothing was stolen. It reminded me of the creepy hotel back in Manila, I stood up and checked the aircon and smiling after a while because I found out the Aircon was set to timer and I just forgot that I was the one who set it yesterday afternoon. Silly me! Hehehehe.

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By Fate

I and Ivy Rose in multiply saw each other by fate in Ayala Mall last night. It was so fast, she supposed to pass by from us, and we incidentally looked at each other’s eye, she stopped while I said sinned rose? (Her code name in multiply is sinned rose).

It was so sudden and I was amazed with the fact, that even you only seen the person in pictures and was able to talk with her in the comments you made in a certain album and just know her in the internet yet as long as your friendship is true, when you saw the person outside, you will know that the person you had bumped is the same person you talked to over the internet.

We laugh and she quickly roam us around the Ayala Terrace that we even didn’t know it exists on the other side, we were also busy looking for some stuff to Faith. We were ready to go out from the mall already when we saw each other. She said the Ayala Terrace was only open last month.

We had fun and talked a lot with our voice so loud well, the people who overheard us must bear with us, we just met and we don’t know when will be our next time to meet again.

Of course we took a lot of pictures and I will be posting it here by tomorrow afternoon when I got home.

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