By Fate

I and Ivy Rose in multiply saw each other by fate in Ayala Mall last night. It was so fast, she supposed to pass by from us, and we incidentally looked at each other’s eye, she stopped while I said sinned rose? (Her code name in multiply is sinned rose).

It was so sudden and I was amazed with the fact, that even you only seen the person in pictures and was able to talk with her in the comments you made in a certain album and just know her in the internet yet as long as your friendship is true, when you saw the person outside, you will know that the person you had bumped is the same person you talked to over the internet.

We laugh and she quickly roam us around the Ayala Terrace that we even didn’t know it exists on the other side, we were also busy looking for some stuff to Faith. We were ready to go out from the mall already when we saw each other. She said the Ayala Terrace was only open last month.

We had fun and talked a lot with our voice so loud well, the people who overheard us must bear with us, we just met and we don’t know when will be our next time to meet again.

Of course we took a lot of pictures and I will be posting it here by tomorrow afternoon when I got home.

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3 Responses to “By Fate”

  1. Vannie says:

    ayala terraces just opened last oct 30th ehehe

    uyy somethign for u:

  2. Vhiel says:

    mukhang enjoy kang nagliliwaliw ah.. kakamis tuloy ang pinas… at mga kabarkada…

  3. anne says:

    To vannie : yeah yan nga sabi ng kaibigan ko last night. It was so pretty indeed I like the falls there lol

    To Vhiel : how many years na pala you were not able to go back here girl.. I am sure you already miss your family and them too.

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