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When I had my first ride in a plane last October I had many things going on my mind and the more I thought of that, the more I got scared but I have to face my fear I have to cross over through plane to take the challenge and so I succeeded.
Terrified I was yet funny thing happen to me still inside the plane. After the plane took off I am beginning to get uneasy. I have to go to the bathroom for call of nature. I read the instructions carefully on how to take off the seat belt, it said, “Lift” so I lift it but voila it did not! I already move the belt from the buckle but still it won’t loosen. I already wanted to ask my seatmate but I was so shy to ask. So I decided not to pee and tried to just close my eyes to divert my attention but I just can’t! I really have to go to the bathroom worst thing I was in the middle so when I move a lot, my seat mate would definitely notice me moving too much in my chair.

I tried again to loosen the belt; I lift the buckle and it still not. I lift it higher with scary thoughts that I might damage it; I was relieved it didn’t but to my disappointment it still not removed. So I thought to lift it more higher this time and so there it was! I just have to lift it more so the belt will be removed from the buckle.

As soon as the belt loosens, I immediately ran to the comfort room.

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Its Our Two Years!

We are on our two years just today like any other couple we also have ups and downs and even shortcomings but we are glad that we overcome those. We are still apart now but I believed in the end we will be together and will never be drifted from each other anymore. We just have to be patience so everything will go well.

Today is our two years and I just realized that the day eight is the same date that our baby was born. How significant this day for me, because GOD gave me two people who makes me feel complete and happy for life. And I always very thankful because Terry’s love and care is genuine and Faith’s love is unconditional just like her Ate Mj.

Three important people who inspire me day by day to get through even I have to struggle life to survive. They had given me willed not to worry about tomorrow because good things in life awaits in the future.

In our two years I have become a woman, a mother and a wife rolled into one. With them I know I could defeat whatever trials I may encounter and I know that soon this family will be intact and will live happily ever after.

Two years, three, four and more… I can smell a hundred of years being together with Terry and we will always cherish the past hundred years with passion and love.

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Dhadha’s Double Celebration Contest

Contest is on going at Dhadha’s website in celebration for her maldita us first year anniversary and her upcoming 23rd birthday on October. In order for you to win. You should have the total of 35 points. In which I am doing it now. The prizes are as follow:

1. You should blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors. Post the title “Dhada’s Double Celebration Contest”.

2.) Fave her 6 blogs at Technorati. You will earn 1 point in each of the blog.

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4.) Link her sites in your blogroll:,,, Dhadha’s Shop, I Heart Contests, and Mommy Notes™.You will earn 1 point automatically for every blog you link.

5.) Make her a cute fansign: one her my 23rd birthday (4 points) and one for’ 1st anniversary (4 points) — photos and graphics are both accepted. Any size will do as long as it is not as big as a wallpaper. Submitted fan signs are posted here.

6.) Answer the 30-second survey. Email her at (with “Survey Link” as the subject) for the link. Once verified, you will get 4 entries.

7.) You’ll get 3 points if you put this banner anywhere in your sidebar. It must be visible. Get code here ▼

Prizes And Sponsors:

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These are my entry for the Fansign:

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