Thieves Are Roaming Around

After I sent Faith to her Pediatrician for her monthly immunization yesterday, we went straight to Gaisano Mall as it is the nearest mall from the clinic. We were picking up decorations for our Christmas Tree at home when a woman suddenly approached me so near and asked for the price for the decoration I was holding though I was a bit irritated, I answered her politely.Sister sensed differently of how the woman approached me because she asked me a lot of times whenever I look for other Christmas decors displayed. All of a sudden I saw my bag was left ajar though I made sure I closed it before I paid the secretary back at Doctor’s Clinic. I checked my wallet and my cellphone inside my bag and was relieved when I saw it still intact. I closed it again and this time I made sure that the two zipper was in the middle [My bag has two zipper in both sides and it has three division, the other two doesn’t have a zipper].

After I paid the cashier I found out that my pouch was no longer on the other division of my bag. It was lost! I told my sister Irenie and hurriedly went back inside of the store to look for that woman but she cannot find her anymore. Her instinct was strong that the woman who approaches me a while ago is the same person who took my pouch!

Disappointed as I am yet still thankful that she was not able to get my wallet or cellphone I may cried a river if one of those was stolen because what has inside of my pouch were used make ups which I bought a long time ago. [Hehehe] Silly woman.

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2 Responses to “Thieves Are Roaming Around”

  1. jHeLea says:

    haaay naku girl…akong nawala dira sa davao kay akong phone…..that was the most horrible experience I had when I went there for a seminar pero okay ra at least I’m still alive hahahaha…

  2. simplyjacy says:

    i swear at those pickpocketers! beware of theme especially these holiday seasons. mao na ilang time nga magkalat sila sa ilang lagim.

    i remember my tatay was once pickpocketed and they got his salary and his 13th month pay.

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