My aim to drop ec today is 300, but I just failed to do it. It is just too hard plus my computer ran so slow so its really impossible for me to make it.

Though I did not make it I was having fun with the message of EC gave me. Clarinda was right they will give you message that would inspire you to go over to the next level of EC dropping.

This morning I was like chasing the time because it was already almost 12 p.m. and I know I am near to make it 300 drops but to my dismay when the clock hit the 12.pm. my drops went back to zero that means it is another day to drop EC again huh?

When I checked how many EC I dropped, all in all I only click 184 sites, I was surprised because I thought I was near to 300 EC drops.

Even I was a bit upset with the result maybe I will do my best next time I am curious of what would be the next message after the WICKED. [LOL]

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One Response to “Wicked”

  1. genny says:

    after the wicked is yeehah!!!! hehehhe i always drop more than 200 but not 300 because i just drop the one who drop me. Its unfair to drop to others and then dili sila mobalik og drop nimo.. But i will the 300…

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