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I am always astounded with the way the priest delivers his homily in St. Jude church. It always left me with things to ponder, I am not saying that I don’t appreciate the priest in other church of course I do! It is maybe because St. Jude was the church I always went to whenever I was confused, weary and down. St.Jude has always been there for me that after I may drop a million of tears inside the church, as soon as I’m done saying all my heart out. I suddenly felt something that someone gotten out the burdens I have in my heart.

Today was the one of those homilies that the Priest left a mark in my thought. Share your gifts to others. It could be your talents, it could be whatever you have but it is not necessary that it should be jewelries, clothes or money because those are only a part of it.

Sometimes we are only being Christian when we are inside the church. No gossips around, no nagging at others, and no fights. We are listening to the priest devotedly as if were putting the gospel in our hearts seriously but when we get out from the church. We tend to forget easily the lessons that we supposedly shared to others. It is hard to admit that sometimes we are only Christian in some aspect of our life and in a particular occasion.

Just like the storeowner Tikla, when the clock hit at 6:00 p.m. she quickly close her store and went to the second floor of her house. She had this helper, whom she trusted inside the house. The helper reported all the things she had accomplished during the day. Like the sugar that she puts back in the store after she lessens the weight of it, the wine that she mix of water so she can distribute some to the other bottle, and the formalin for a fish. So they could sell those back to the store. Tikla congratulates the helper of her accomplishments and told her to go to the altar so they could whisper a HOLY ROSARY together.

Sharing gifts should not be deceiving to others so you can get more. Sharing what you know and your talent must be in accordance of what GOD wanted us to do. Gifts are not necessarily things that you could buy in the store nevertheless, your knowledge and your talent could also be a wonderful gift you can share to others.

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  1. gengen says:

    It is really nice to help others Anne. I got an award for you…

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