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Be More Careful

When I woke up this afternoon from a deep long sleep, my sister Irenei suddenly blurted me news about a girl who got raped by a tricycle driver in a nearby subdivision.

She said that the girl’s fever was so high that made the parents got worried, the grandmother even asked for a very effective medicine for a fever in a store where the sister of the tricycle driver live. The driver also live at the same house, his sister even suggested to just send the girl to the hospital so they will find out what was the causes and that they can buy a proper medicine for her granddaughter. While hearing the conversation the driver suddenly went away.

At the hospital the parents were shocked about the findings, the doctor told them that their daughter was raped. When the girl confirmed it, they went immediately to the police and filed a case against the driver, they also informed the sister and said that her brother was away and they could not find him.

After like how many weeks of looking for the guy, the police found him in the nearest county from the subdivision and immediately he was put to prison.

My sister reprimanded me to check on Mj every time at school so to avoid such a very terrible incident. I got worried all so sudden, my heartbeat so fast and was felt uncomfortable since Mj did not yet return home from school. Though I trust the motor pool driver of my daughter since he serve with number of kids in our subdivision and was also entrusted by numbers of parents, I just cannot denied the fact that incidents like this could happen to any kids if you are not extra careful to know the one you entrust with your kids for sending and fetching them to school.

Please GOD take my kids away from any harm.

P.S. Mj was home safe.

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