Greetings From Thompson’s Family

Have you seen an elf family dancing? Well honey just sent me one this morning and to my surprise it was we dancing the funny Christmas song. he already made this one last year right after I was admitted in the hospital for pre term labor. When I arrived home I can’t helped but to laugh so hard. The same thing happen this morning, me and Mj still laughing so loud when we saw it.

Thanks for making this video at jib jab hon, we really like it. Please note that by clicking the link could be dangerous to your sense of humor. Huh??

Advance Merry Christmas Everyone!

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5 Responses to “Greetings From Thompson’s Family”

  1. merce h:) says:

    Hi anne!ginawa namin yan last year,nagsige ra jud mi ug katawa.

  2. jHeLea says:

    hahaha katawanan gyud ni kaayo girl bah…..dangerous gyud hahaha

  3. gengen says:

    Heheh kacute saila oy…

  4. simplyjacy says:

    yehey! pasko na jud sa mga Thompson! i know now where ko manaygon ug maningil ug pinaskuhan. *claps*

    it is indeed very funny!

  5. eden says:

    so funny and cute..hehehe..

    merry christmas in advance..

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