Hated This Crawling Animals

One of the places that we went to during Mj’s annual field trip at school was the Crocodile Park. At the entrance a guy carrying a golden color python snake approaches our group, there were students and teachers came to him to have a quick pose with the snake, I kept on bragging Mj to allow the guy to put the snake on her neck so I could take her a shot too but she kept on running around and telling me she was scared every time I brag her about it. In the contrary, she kept on hanging around with the snake, watching the students around grabbing the snake to their neck while taking a quick pose.

I would like to take a picture of it myself also, since Mj doesn’t want to even get near to it. I asked her to take picture of me with the snake, although scared but I had to do it, simply because I had to face my fear that even I hated this kind of animal, I still have the guts to touch and get near to it and to take a picture with it could be my best proof that I was able to do it!

Pretending not to be scared

Mj just enjoying the moment with the snake.

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  1. momgen says:

    Oh that is scary bahala na di gyd ko mogunit. anyway naa ko tag nimo Anne. thanks…
    Its Here

  2. jHeLea says:

    I’ve been to crocodile park girl pero never gyud ko nag pa picture sa snake hahaha

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