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Gate Issue

Right after I went back from my trip in Cebu, my sister Irenei informed me that she was able to get someone who could make grills and installed it with lesser amount than the other one we inquire before.

I was so excited to lend him an advance right after we agreed on the date it will be finished. Our expected time was lesser than two weeks that we could have it installed, however until now it is still not install. I was worried because I had been a victim of a verbal agreement like this before and in the end I got nothing because of some alibis such as the worker was sick, or encountered an accident so on and so forth, until the worker did not mind to finish it at all. Hence, I was too busy working and have no time to make a follow up, regarding with the “thing” I didn’t bother to go to their house anymore since I am feeling like I don’t have the right to go to their house and have my money back.

I always taken for granted before but I learned my lesson to not just be quiet and let them take advantage of my kindness otherwise, I will be left with nothing.

That’s why when I deal people with something, I always want to make sure that the person can meet the deadline or would at least give me updates.

Sister Irenei went to the house of the installer that made her pissed off. The worker is making an excuse that he have to accomplished his other customer first because they were the first one who had ordered him the grills of the gate. Now why he have to promise us of a date while he can’t even do it! He even did not go to us and said that he will have to delay the delivery because of this and that!

Money is so tight nowadays and he will just making it as if it is not a big deal! Good Grief!

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