Don’t Gobble Me!

I was really sorry for not sending some online cards to greet Terry Happy Thanksgiving Day! I was so silly to forget the whole stuff while I was thinking it over yet past few days ago what is the best card online I could give him this Thanksgiving Day!

I could have been watchful and diligent of my time so I could do more things when I am in the computer, so I don’t tend to forget the most important thing I should do such as searching the best online cards.

Even though I was not able to send him a greeting card over email. As he is the most kind and the most understanding man I ever know in my whole life he did not mind it at all. He told me instead that he cooked a Rump Roast Au Jus. [LOL] I don’t even have any idea what it looks like but as what the way he describe it, I am sure it was lusciously tempting that you could ever eat the whole bunch.

I asked him if he cooked a turkey he answered me no, he was already full with the one he cooked earlier and to add up another food would make him bloated. Hanah could not even help him to finish the Rump Roast Au Jus. [ You might wonder who Hanah is. Well she is our loving and not so kulit cat. Terry and her is the best buddy in our house in Maryland]. I haven’t tasted roasted turkey myself and Terry promised me to cook one when we are already there with him.

Meanwhile I must watch the videos he sent me this morning. As I can’t embed it I will just have to link it so you guys could see. I had fun watching and singing with the turkey in the video. You might like it as well : Don’t Gobble Me! There were a lot of videos I saw with the turkey singing pleading not to cook them! [LOL] You might want to try the I Will Survive too. Have Fun!

You even find the lyrics so hilarious:

Keep way back
Im not your meal
plan another menu
hear my appeal

You can’t gobble me
On thanksgiving Day
Why not eat tofu
Feed yourself the vegan way
You cant gobble me
Try as you may
Fill up on veggies
Have yourself a deli tray

Now why cant I find a place
To live in peace
Where im not a part
of someone’s thanksgiving feast
Don’t want my giblets touch
Don’t want my drumsticks gnawed
You know we turkey’s think
It’s a major fax paus
Hear my Appeal

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