It has been how many days that my computer run so slow and tonight was the worst. The clock was ticking 2:30 a.m. and yet I still cannot post anything. Whenever I moved my mouse it will freeze everything.

I usually using Firefox besides my page is best viewed when I used that service. But it seems like it hooked up of something that I cannot even type a single word!

I think I need to ask for a rescue, my computer needs overhaul! Terry mentioned to have this one upgraded but I don’t want somebody to touch it because I believe that if someone else touches it. It would mess up everything. Terry owns the computer for quiet long and I think he knows every little details of it.

I am typing with IE right now, as it seems working better and faster than the other service. But I hope this will be fix as soon as possible because I do like Firefox more.

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  1. eden says:

    I do like firefox too. i’ve been using it for quite sometime now. slow sad kaayo akong connection kay we exceed the limit.tomorrow back to normal na sad..

    happy sunday!

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