Could It Heal?

When we were on our way home from shopping the other day, I was able to listen a herbal medicine being endorsed over a radio, I was amazed of how it will cures people as what it was describe by the endorser.

Just have something to talked to I was able to open it up to the taxi driver so to also let the time passed while on the road. Amazingly he uttered that even the blood of the snakes can also be a medicine to whatever illness does the patients have.

He experienced it himself one day when he was hired by someone to drive him to a far away province named Matan ao. The guy has an acute tonsillitis that he wanted to have it heal somewhere in the said province.

The driver was so fascinated of what he saw because they went to a place where snakes were trapped to a sack. It said that the snake could detect what is your illness, even without knowing it. You just simply hold the snake on its tail while it was tightened and hang to a wire. The quack doctor would kill and cut the stomach of the snake, right there and then he would know what parts of your body was damaged.

In the driver’s case he was being told that his blood pressure was high and that he has to drink the blood of the snake once in three consecutive months. [Geezz] To persevere the health of the driver, he followed what the quack doctor advised him. He went in the said place three times.

He even said that there were hundreds of people who went there just to be healed or shall I say, to hope that whatever illness they have would be cure.

I research the possibility of this so-called medicines, it is indeed true that there were speculation that the venom of the snakes may soon be able to be a new drug. The drug derived from cobra venom is expected to reach pharmacies within 18 months under the brand name Exanta.

And it was submitted already U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for approval.

Experts say the drug could save time and reduce risks for millions of patients who face potential heart attacks and stroke.

I am not sure if I could even drink half of the glass, but when your health is at risk, would you drink the blood or the venom trouble some of a cobra?

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