I Already Have My Christmas Gift

That was the exact word of Terry when I told him that I do not have yet any gift for him this Christmas. I always gave him one before when I was still working and always have all the time to roam around the mall after work but right now whenever I go to malls I always watch out my budget or else I will be left with no extra at all for some other things intended for the house, yes! I must admit I don’t have that much extra unlike before.

Terry had sent me already a package for this coming Christmas I just have to distribute it to kids on Christmas Eve and to just think about that made me feeling guilty for not having enough time to go and shop for him and not only that I don’t even have things in my mind that I could give him, I am confused what to give not to mention that sending a package nowadays would even cost me more than the price of the gift itself.

I am baffled if only he is in my side, I don’t have to think what gift I could give him because I can just grab anything he likes in the mall and will give him directly in his hands. I love Terry so much and I hate this feeling that I could not even give him a gift this Christmas.

I must exert my effort to buy one for him, I might be looking for something not expensive, and well a gift must not be one right? As long as it is from your heart, that is already counted as one. As Honey said he already has a gift this Christmas and that is us. Maybe I would start from there and I am sure I would come up with a very special gift I could ever give him. Justify Full

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