Twilight Movie

As I was so intrigued what was the movie about, I grabbed Mj and Mariel with me to watch it right after we went to Pag Ibig to pay our house. I didn’t have any idea what was the movie all about; I didn’t know that it was about some sort of a vampire thing. I know I sounded so silly. I just read reviews about it; you know just read but not really reading [LOL]

To those who haven’t seen the movie yet, here is the synopsis :

Isabella Swan moves to gloomy Forks to live with her father. As she starts her junior year in high school she becomes fascinated by Edward Cullen who holds a dark secret which is only known by his family. Edward falls in love with Bella as well but knows the further they progress in their relationship the more he is putting Bella and those close to her at risk. Edward warns Bella that she should leave him but she refuses to listen and to understand why he is saying this. Bella learns his secret. He is a vampire, however she is not afraid of his blood-thirsty needs and the fact he could kill her at any moment. Bella is afraid of losing him, the love of her life. The thrill begins when a new vampire finds it a challenge to hunt Bella down for her irresistible blood. The game is on and James will not stop until she is killed.

And my favorite best quotes are as at follows :

Isabella Swan: You’ve got to give me some answers.
Edward Cullen: I’d rather hear your theories.
Isabella Swan: I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite.
Edward Cullen: That’s all superhero stuff, right? What if I’m not the hero? What if I’m… the bad guy?

Edward Cullen : And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
Isabella Swan : What a stupid lamb
Edward Cullen : What a sick, masochistic lion

Edward Cullen : That’s what you dream about? Being a monster?
Isabella Swan : I dream about being with you forever

Edward Cullen : I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
Isabelle Swan : Then don’t

Edward Cullen : Do you trust me?
Isabella Swan : In theory
Edward Cullen : Close your eyes
Isabella Swan : This isn’t real. This kind of stuff just doesn’t exist
Edward Cullen: It does in my world.

Now who would not fall in love with the movie? It reminds me of Liz and Max in Roswell.

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