My Other Three Angels

My Angels during Faith’s baptismal

Since Terry and I met, I saved his name in my phone book as “Angel Ko” so whenever he calls me on my phone, it would definitely appear there as “Angel Ko” that sometimes made Mariel exclaimed, “Ate, your angel is calling.”

Well, Terry has always been my angel since day one of our relationship. He is exactly the man of my dreams and I couldn’t ask for more now that I have him. I just feel so precious and lucky every time I am with him.

And other than Terry I have a three angels who make me so happy and give me so much joy, while he is out there, away from me. I am talking to no other than my niece and my two daughters. They even have different characteristics, attitudes and the like, I still always known them so preciously treasured in my heart. Mariel and Mj were here with me during those times of hardship and endeavor. They were the living witness of how I cope life before but because of them I became stronger and even a fighter to whatever storms I encountered in my journey. They were my inspirations and my life without them I might never appreciates the beauty of the world.

I have a two angels few years back and just recently I have received another one, so fragile yet so beautiful. When I held faith in my arms on the first day she was born, my tears ran so slowly in my cheeks. Another angel came, another joy of life, another inspiration to live.

I am just so blessed surrounded by my angels; they were four to be exact. Mariel, Mj, Faith and the angel of my heart Terry, loved by the people I cared, life is so wonderful to live for.

Three angels cuddling in our bed
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  1. jHeLea says:

    they are indeed angels girl… are so blessed!!!

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