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I have once coaxed Clarinda of My Rendezvous to join the multiply website so she can post all the pictures she would like to brag about, at first she was hesitant to do it as she is too private than me, but later on she finally accepted the invitation and had fun posting all the captured moments she would like to share.

When I found out that blogging is also one way to kill those idly times at home, I did not hesitate to join. This is also my way to let Terry updated of my daily activities with the kids if I was not able to tell him those fun times during the day.

I, again convinced my best buddy Clarinda to sign up in which she join after how many months of thinking whether she would share her thoughts and rants through writing or just kept it herself. She indeed finds it worthwhile since she resigned from work few months back.

And now, while chatting to her younger sister Jesienie in Australia, I was able to open up with her the blogging thing which she eventually signed up right there and then, [LOL] If this thingy would give a commission to those blogger who successfully recruited some members, maybe I was among them who will get paid. But anyway, that’s not what I after about, importantly I had shared of what I think is the best venue to get busy with while staying at home.

For Jesienie welcome to blogging space and may you enjoy reading the feelings, emotions, rants, thoughts, lines and whatsoever you may call it here in blog sphere.

P.S. Your visit to their site is highly appreciated, thank you!

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