Busy As A Bee

Whatever I tried to post even just a single post here last night, I just can’t. I was like whipped with hundreds of paddle; I was too exhausted all I want is to just lie in bed and sleep.

But because I have things to be done first after the event at school, I was not able to sleep right away. When we arrived home Mj asked me if I could help her to review her notes, we tackle first the English and since I got to chat with Terry too, we only done the English and a little bit of Math.

When I was already in front of my computer, I also thought to post the event that was held in the school yesterday but I cannot think of anything of how, where and what to begin, See? Even my mind was not cooperating. I opt to write one sentence but I end up with nothing.

With faith in my arms while chatting with Terry made me more so sleepy, plus cooking her food made me too tired. Terry suggested resting early so I could get back my energy because I seem so preoccupied.

Right after I feed Faith her dinner I gave her to sister Irenie so I could rest in a while. I was like a robot without a battery and that needed to recharge the soonest as possible.

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