Hiding Their Gifts

Mariel has prepared her gift to me the night before the event in school, she made a home made greeting card, she said she will give the card to me on the next day yet.

Mj already prepared one for me at school; her teacher was the one who keep so assuring that the gifts will be given to us on that day.

When the principal asked us to stand up, I was excitedly stood up, waiting for them to give me the gifts, I know it was only a greeting card but importantly was the thought they wrote on the card.

I waited for how many minutes, never thought that the gift from Mj was already at my back. She just put it in the chair and then run away. I disbelievingly shake my head, she was never like this before, she always express herself to me but I guess things have been change.

When the Principal of the school announces that the high school students will also going to give us something, I stood up immediately. I expected her to give me the gift she told me that night, but to my disappointment I didn’t even saw her around.

It was lunchtime that Mariel gave me the greeting card and said she was shy to give it to me at school and Mj has the same reason too, when I asked what happen to them during the event.

Tsk, tsk, tsk kids these days!

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