After How Many Weeks

Our gate was already done; actually it was finished just this month. It was not marvelously made, it is in fact so simple but since I spend so much money to let that gate installed I can say I am contented of what I got.

The installer had a hard time installing the grills on the left side and has to redo the size of the grills. He told us he might can’t finished installing the gate on that day since he would work back the size of the grills on the left side but sister Irenei insisted on finishing it that day or by tomorrow and that they would do the work back at home since they already send the grills here.

We heard enough excuses before from him in regards with that final day of the installation, I guess he had all the time and the source to finish it, he took advance payment almost 3/4 of the principal amount of the gate, so by hook or by crook he has to do it on that day.

After the long arguments and talks he finally agreed with us. He finished the gate two days at home so we could see him really working on the gate. Now, the kids cannot go outside that easy because we had the gate locked always.

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