An Open Letter To Honey

Since the day we meet each other, all blessings in life has pour me everyday your love has a big impact in my life. It changes me everything I never had a day now that I mourn for pains in me day to day struggles.

I began to appreciate what love is because you have shown me the perfect description of LOVE. Though were miles apart still we conquer those days of loneliness because we know in time we will be together in our little home. I am lonely without you hon but because we love each other that much, there will be no storms I cannot defeat on.

I am so sorry I was not able to send you package this time, I know that you are not asking for anything in return because as you said you already have the perfect gifts this Christmas and that is us. But I just can’t avoid feeling guilty of not giving you anything this Christmas. I’ll make it up to you hon.; I’ll be buying you more gifts until you arrived next year.

I miss you so much hon. And the happiness that you gave me from the very beginning is irreplaceable. Please remember that you are always in my heart and there will be no day that I will not think of you. Thank you so much for showing me the perfect love and even loving me everyday in your life.

I love you hon and Merry Christmas!

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3 Responses to “An Open Letter To Honey”

  1. Gee says:

    The year is just about to end and I am sending New year and Christmas greetings to you Anne and Danny and also to both MJ and Faith…. This is a celebrating season and the Lord has been so good to me through out the year. I guess he has been good to you too. You deserve to be ahppy!!!!Keep smiling….Special mention to all your help to me…from blogging to layouts, to domains…whats next? hehe…Thanks for being a good friend and keep that spirit of giving in your Xmas….Take Care

  2. Lowela says:

    How sweet hehe, any way girl thanks for the comments hehe

    Have a Peaceful Crhistmas and Joyful New Year to you and to your whole family. God bless!

  3. anne says:

    To grace your always welcome. to lowela Merry christmas to you too girl, I read your love story it is so inspiring

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