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Unleashing The Secrets

I woke up this morning with a call from Honey, I ran to the kitchen immediately where our computer is place. As I open the computer, I went to our freezer to check what should we cook for breakfast.

And among the paper that was posted in the cover of our freezer were the 21 secrets of self-made millionaire. It was maybe posted there a while already but I just did not notice it until this morning. I was curious of the title that it made me read the whole content, it was about finding out the secrets of 21 Secrets of Self Made Millionaires.

Self Made Millionaires does not mean that they are smarter or better than you. They just discovered these secrets and used them to become wealthy.

Here’s what they found out:

  1. Dream Big Dreams – Thinking big will change your life thus positive thoughts would bring you to your fortune and negative one would pull you down. So if you start to think big of what you are planning or what you want to be with positive thoughts apply, you surely reach your goal.
  2. Create a specific picture of where you’re going – The more specific you are of your dreams the more likely you are to get there.
  3. Think and act like you’re the owner of a business, the business of everything you do – Even if you work for someone else, in that way your attitude will plant seeds for your independent greatness to grow.
  4. Love whatever you are doing now – if you don’t love it, and then leave it because you cannot be effective of what you are doing if you hate it.
  5. Create a mastermind group – Have a regular meeting with others who are committed to building great lives. Share what you’re up to and support each other.
  6. Establish a healthy work ethic – Make taking action your best friend
  7. Commit to constant never ending improvement – Everyday search for how you can learn more, take all means to find what more things to improve.
  8. See your work as service – Helping others will make your business a progressive one.
  9. Know your business from top to bottom – Set a feasibility study before you put up a business, this will help you to know the business you are entering too, one way or the other that is definitely your job.
  10. Prepare for opportunity – If it will knock, will you be ready? Remember that opportunity knocks only once, so you must grab the chance and ready for the big change.
  11. Stay physically fit – Strong minds create strong bodies, weak bodies are the result of weak minds, weak minds can make you down. Your mental and physical health will attributes to your success.
  12. Prioritize your life – More than anything your life is the most important that you should prioritize.
  13. Deliver more than your customer expects – This builds loyalty from your customer, they would surely go back to you because they know that they are served according to what they expect.
  14. Discipline yourself – Fill your life with activities and people that make you grow. Avoid those vices that will keep you negative results in your life.
  15. Pay yourself first – By putting some of your money in your savings and don’t touch it.
  16. Make time to be alone – Go to the beach or any place that you could be alone, listen to your inner self. Give your creativity time and let the silence speak to you.
  17. Go for greatness – Always value the best and don’t settle for less.
  18. Honesty is the best policy – Know who you are and what you want for your life or your business.
  19. Make decisions quickly and be slow to change them
  20. Failure is not an option – If you set your mind to succeed then you will be.
  21. Be determined to attain your goals – Whatever the obstacles you might encounter if you are willing to reach what you dream about, then certainly your future will be shining brightly. Remember that tenacious persistence builds confidence, which leads to victory.
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Let’s Talk About Hairstyles

Is your hairstyle outdated? Like me, I am sure you also want to venture your hair into a new stylish trend. Its whether long or short, there should be a lit of fashion in it with the latest trend. We must admit that our hair is our crown of glory; if our hair does not look good we surely have a bad hair day.

Now, if you like to know what style or what color would be the best suits for you, The advanced haircutting videos would be the best possible thing to do, because they will never hesitate to give you the new trend or cuts for this year. The haircutting videos will also demonstrates innovative hair color techniques for women and hair stylish cuts using clippers and shears, they would also show you how to deposit color, leaving natural hair color as highlighter.

Without any doubts after you buy this DVD platform artistry series for women, you will learn the hair cutting techniques. Anyone could follow the instruction because it was so detailed and that you will never be left with so many questions and confusions regarding the procedures. It was shown and performed properly so you can understand and follow that easy.

Long Hairstyles

Long Hair Cuts | Hair Highlights

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I Dropped 300 EC Last Night!

I was aiming to drop 300 EC again but since my connection went crazy these past few days, I could only dropped 50 EC and then that’s it! I tell you it was hard for me to do it and since I’d like to comment when a certain article will caught my attention, that add the slowness of dropping EC.

But last night, I should say it was the successful one, aside from the connection seems did not disconnected me at all and nothing interrupted me of what I was doing. I was able and reach the 300 EC and visited each site from my entre card page.

And not only that, I was able to join a contest too that Mommy Gen told me. I have my other blog registered the contest. If you want to know, about it just visit Mary Anne’s Musing.

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My Eldest Daughter In American Idol?

We used to watch every night The American Idol season eight in TV and this afternoon as we seriously watching the program, while Mj was lying in the sofa and was trying her might not to move because of her stiff neck.

She just crack a remarkable question on me and you know what that is? Well, she only asked “Mom, if I auditioned myself there, can I sing the “Hawak Kamay?” (Hawak Kamay is the famous song in the Philippines last two years ago and she always remembers it because this was the song they had sung in their graduation day when she was yet a kindergarten). I was laughing so hard to hear that question from her, my sister responded her that she should choose the English song and not that.

Although that was only a spur moment of her thinking to be joining in American Idol, I can’t put the idea down anyway that, what if one day she audition herself in such TV contest and after the stressful days of competing, she had win over it. Wow! I might be the one lucky mother to be with her on the stage, congratulating her. [Hehehe] Terry doesn’t like the idea because he prefers her to be a medical doctor but whatever she want for her life someday, we will give her our full support.

My Eldest daughter to join in American Idol? Uhmmm, let me think about it or maybe sleep to stop dreaming that to happen [Hahaha]

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