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I Started Reading It

My Niece is done reading the Twilight book Terry sent to me this Christmas and today I got the chance to read it while on the way to the beach resort we went to. And my niece was right! Once you started reading the first page you just can’t put it down. You may want to continue reading it and finished the book right there and then, not to mention that it was really thick.

It even took my sleepy head away, all a sudden I didn’t felt sleepy even though I haven’t sleep that much last night. But due to some circumstances happen while reading the Twilight, I don’t have any choice but to give it at rest and put the book inside my bag.

I have to take care of Faith as well too and attain her lunch since we arrived at the beach resort at exactly 12:00 p.m. I felt so drowsy as soon as I put down the book and wanted to sleep while feeding Faith. But gosh! How can you sleep with so much people passing by in front of you and the noises were even dreadful? Anyway, it was the time to have reunions and gathering with relatives so I must give them a chance to be loud.

Faith also did not sleep though you can see through her eyes that she was drooping already. She was still able to fight it, well what can you expect from a call center baby? Since she was fully awake I end up taking pictures of her at all angles including MJ’s escapade at the beach. She went to the water the moment we arrived there as she exclaimed when she’s taking a shower after hours of sinking in the water; she got a violet skin color. She was not worried about it though, she just got amazed of her color after so many hours under the sun.

We were in the truck of my cousin going home that I got the chance again to read the saga but the rain start to pour and since it was open in the back of the truck, we have to drag the tent to open it wide so we won’t get wet.

I was barely awake while chatting to Terry. Still I managed to tell him about our beach party and drop an EC to a few bloggers. My apology if I can’t just yet drops as many as I could. I will do my best tomorrow. As of now, I think I must rest and sleep for long hours so I could wake up early the next morning. I hope I’ll get the chance to peep in and read a little. Well, who knows?

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