Oooppss! Just Busy Inquiring

My dear friend Clarinda and I were so busy inquiring some stuff about wedding. She would be getting married this May and while our visa applications are having some problems I thought to get married here too [gaya-gaya?] I asked Terry to talk to our lawyer and what possible things we could do so to get married here.

Terry told me to inquire for the requirements and will pursue to have our wedding here in the Philippines. I was so happy that Terry agreed with me; well he always supported my decision whatever it is. In short, uhmm I’m a bit, just a bit spoiled [LOL]

I am so excited with Clarinda‘s wedding too, of course I am invited and I have a part of her wedding too, whatever it is I would surely go with it. As long as my plate is full with food [Hahaha]

Anyway, I will be posting some improvements with our inquiries here so stay tuned. My apology if I am not that active in EC dropping yet. I will make it up to you if I have enough time.

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5 Responses to “Oooppss! Just Busy Inquiring”

  1. Gee says:

    wow! wedding year na ba ito? hehe Best wishes for both of u….I am happy for you girl, basi dri na lang pod ko mag pkasal…wahhhh…utro, gaya2…Happy New Year

  2. inday_adin says:

    Hey that is so nice mommy Anne B.. Congratulations to you both, too! So dili nalang diay ka Fiance na VISA? Spousal VISA nalang diay ka mommy? Taud-taod pod ka ana mo abot diria sa US sa.. sige lang basta happy ang life. hehehe… 🙂 Good LUck to you guys. Updates nya! hehehe..

  3. merce h:) says:

    Good luck!
    sa inyong mga plano.
    maayo noon daghan na ta matali.

  4. texas_sweetie says:

    oist kaminyoon na kaau moduha ha. dungan nalang mo paso oi para double wedding sa mag bestfriends..

    tuod, katawaa naku sa imon comment sa video ni deden oi. e make sure na imong faith diha oi ug napa banay dila wa bana nalahos katagak? hahaha makabuang man ka babay oi

  5. Amor says:

    Anne maayo gyd sa PInas mo kaslon para ka -attend imo tanan family.Im sure excited na gyd ka sa inyo wedding,what month mo pakasal??

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