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The Black Nazarene

Every January 09 is a celebration of Black Nazarene; they will celebrate it through procession of the statue. The said statue was bought in Mexico and brought to Manila in 1606. The procession of the life-sized Black Nazarene statue started on 1998 after the many damages that inflicted to it.

The replica survived from the big fire that destroyed the Quiapo church in 1791 and 1929, the great earthquake and the bombings during World War II on 1945. The image was believed to be a miraculous one, whoever who is sick and got the chance to get near and touch the replica was reported healed miraculously. There are others who throw towels to the people who guarded the statue while it was in carriage to be paraded in the street to receive somehow a miracle. And after they rubbed the towel to the image the guards would throw it back to the owner to be kept.

If you would like to march and join the people in the street for the event, you should walk with barefoot together with the devotees. If some people didn’t get the chance to touch nor to throw a towel to be rubbed on the face of the Black Nazarene Statue, many people will try to at least hold the rope, which held the carriage where the Black Nazarene Statue was place. The area where the statue was paraded gets too crowded that it would perhaps lead to a stampede. Some were not able to survived and passed out during the event.

The Philippines as the only country in Asia where Roman Catholic has the biggest population, Filipinos devotion to Black Nazarene never ceases every year even though some died or was injured because of the event.

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Double Birthday Celebration

My two monster’s birthday is fast approaching, Mj would be on 27th and Faith would be on 8th. I am planning to combine the two on February 08 though yet of course with Mj’s approval we don’t want her to feel that we prefer Faith to her.

I spoke to Mj the other day and she agreed. I will just bring her snacks and her classmate on the day of her birthday since it will fall on Tuesday. She doesn’t know about the stuff though so she would probably be surprise on her big day.

Gosh! Sometimes it is tiresome to think nowadays it made me dizzy wahhhh

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I Guess I Deserve Some Treat

As I was too busy this past few days I guess I deserve some treat for myself. A movie perhaps would be nice to relax and unwind.

When I was checking some website to purchase a DVD movie I could watch this weekend, I happen to browse a very inspiring movie of a firefighter who is trying hard to make his marriage work once again. Fireproof movie is a story of a firefighter who believes that whatever happens “Don’t leave your partner behind” but his marriage began to fall after seven years of married.

His father challenge him of a 40 day test when they started to think that a divorce could be a solution for all the distress they were feeling everyday. A love dare to make your love back to your spouse and would make things possible to light a romance that they had before. In the contrary, it was just so hard for him to do it while the one whom he loves is rejecting him constantly. He started to get so frustrated but when he centered GOD and reach up to him. He finally found a solution of what things to do with his marriage. On the other hand, a question came up to him, would he still be able to win his love? Is it not too late to “Fireproof” the marriage?

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