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Faith Can Finally Walk!

She started it on bed, it was like three step with a little jump. We were laughing when she did that. When we tried to have her practice on the floor, she would sit down all so sudden. She was too scared to even try a single step.

Day’s pass by, she was trying new tricks so she can walk in the floor. First she would stand up then tried her first step, then she would sit down, she’ll stand up again then one step forward. This afternoon she made four steps or more! I was so amazed she is not even one year old yet and here she comes ready to rumble! [Lol]

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Combo Awards

I think I have received these awards already and posted it to my other blog but because I love this two women who gave me this combo award. I did not hesitate to post it here although its late but please bear with me. Thanks Grace and Mommy Gen for the never ending support of this blog. You both are great!

The Rule:

You need to list 5 addictions and pass this tag/award to your friends.

This are my addictions:

1. I am a certified computer addict. I am always in my computer most of the day whenever I don’t have any reason to go out.

2. I am addicted to rice it makes me weak whenever I don’t eat rice from breakfast till dinner.

3. I am addicted as of the moment, the twilight book I won’t even care if I sleep less than five hours at night time.

4. I am addicted to my one and only honey.

5. I am addicted taking pictures at all site if I get the chance to travel I surely have my camera on my back pack.

Now i want to give this awards and read what they are addicted for:

Jhlea’s Complex Life
Jesienie’s OZlife

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They’re Loving It

When Terry sent out a package of toys last Christmas, the kids never stopped playing with it. Especially Faith, she was so amused with her block figures and its colors too. Mj got a chip for her Nintendo and she plays with it every weekend.

We are so glad that the kids love it, we might buy some more and this time we would probably order an educational toys for Faith like a soothing music for her to listen to. They said that listening music is good for baby’s brain development. And since Mj would like to take pictures either indoors or outdoors, we most likely are going to buy a unique and stylish one-camera suit for her.

Our kids are the best treasure we have in our life. They are our jewels that glitter forever in our heart.

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