Rain Rain Go Away!

Gosh! It was already raining ever since I woke up this morning and until now it still didn’t stop. Thank God that the kids don’t have school today because they are having some VIP’s to come over. And that I don’t have any appointment I need to attain to, so for today would be my nappy time.

I supposed to pay all my contribution yesterday but I was already running late for my SSS contribution and loan payment because again, I was so slow on my stuff here at home and did not mind that the clock was ticking so fast in the wall. I still tried my luck to go to Pag-Ibig Insurance but as soon as I step inside the building, the guard said no while pointing the clock. It’s already past five p.m. sigh! I know I should have set a timetable so I won’t be wasting my money and time. But gees laziness got me because of the freakin weather. The sun would shine in a moment then expect the rains will start to pour later.

I already planned to stay at home today so to rest my pocket as well. I thought I will just resting the whole day aside from doing my rounds here but nah! My neighbor just came in and asked me to research about city and its location for her term paper to be submitted on Saturday. So my deadline would be tomorrow, when I check the things that she want me to research on, my eyes grew big in an instant, because that was quite long. But anyway, I have nothing to complain about because she would pay me as soon I am done. I hope the rains go away so I could think clearly of what to write on for her research and not thinking of forgetting these things and cover myself a sheet in my bed.

So I better have to split now! Have a nice day everyone!

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3 Responses to “Rain Rain Go Away!”

  1. momgen says:

    pareho saa moa lugar daw kay gabaha na tapos naa pa gyoy landslide oy ….

  2. Joops says:

    have a nice day!

  3. Joops says:

    time management is very important, make sure to make a timetable everyday.. by the way i am following your blog now..

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