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Be Careful With Your Bones!

Oh my GOD! When I read this article in a health magazine, it really bulge my eyes in an instant. So if you or when you take birth control pills you should have precautions before taking such. Because this might lead you to a brittle bone disease. We have known the Pill has many positive effects on your body.

But a recent study found that 18 year-olds who were on birth-control pills had lower bone density than those who had never taken them-putting those who had at a higher risk of fractures and later in life, osteoporosis.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop taking it, there are still research on going regarding this matter. In the meantime, make sure you consume three serving of dairy per day, eight ounce or a glass milk would do. A 1,000 milligrams of calcium daily via supplements and exercise also helps to a better stronger bones.

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Everyone’s Dream Template

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A Tiresome Day

My legs are aching, my back seems distorted, and my eyes are droopy.

This afternoon, the agent broker for the subdivision that we will be going today had called me a lot of times in my phone, I haven’t notice it, aside from it was in my bag, the incoming alert call has been change! Plus the volume was so low and I was so hooked up with watching the Dyosa in you tube.

My sister came along with me to look at the location and it was indeed has an amazing spot. The subdivision is overlooking to the whole view of city and the Samal Island. Then clubhouse has a huge swimming pool for adults and for kids. It has pool deck, sunken deck nears the pool. And they will put up a golf course too; it will be located fronting clubhouse. They also have children’s playground, pergola, footpath, feature wall and other amenities. To visit the site online just click here: Villa De Mercedes. They’re selling only a lot so you would be choosing your own style of house, plus the way of payment is not that hard in your pocket. They also do bank financing for you to have an easy and affordable installment.

Right after the house tripping, we went immediately to the gym for aerobics session. My first aerobic experience, so that explains why I am so drained and tired while writing this post and chatting with honey. We went through a two hours dancing, wiggling, walking, jumping and all that. Well, not bad at all as I was sweating all over and heart was thumping so hard from moving a lot. A good exercise though because we also tried the thread mill right after.

I am crossing my finger that I will make it and I hope to not be feeling lazy to go there next week. [aaarggghss]

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Dyosa Has Ended

I had been following this fantasy series from the very beginning it was aired in TV. There is something in it that it keep me watching although there are night that I was not able to do so but as soon if I noticed that the series already starts in prime time. I just can’t help to stand up from the computer and go to the living room to take a peep at least.

I like Anne’s beauty it is so undeniably princesses like, no wonder that ABS-CBN choose her to take the lead role. And let’s admit that ever since she transferred from the other network, her acting improves a lot, she was able to give justice whatever role that was offered to her and with that, it made her to be the best actress during Manila Film Festival for the movie entitled Baler.

I am no against with other network peace to the avid fan, in fact I also watch some of their show so if my post pisses you off, I am sorry. Anyway back to the show, I almost forgot to watch the very final episode last night, good thing that Sister Irenei went home early and she open the TV immediately. It was then I realized that the Dyosa already started, so I just left the computer in a while and went to the living room to join them.

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