Feelin Good By Lookin Pretty

Some Moms, who resigned from work to choose to stay at home for their kids, became so withdrawn, lousy and some even get fat. They seem to do not care of themselves instead they let the time passes by just as that. And that they make complains of why their life seems not moving on and get bored of the stuff that seems to be running in circle all over again. Why not try to go out sometimes with friends and feel good with this beauty tips:

Add color to your cheeks : Make up artists is a firm believer in the power of blush, not to mention that it’s an instant face brightener. You should have two shades on hand: one that matches the natural color of your cheeks when you blush, and a brighter one that goes on top of the first color.

Scrub-a-dubdub : Mostly our skin get so dry and flaky in the ber months. An expert suggests to exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells that form and create a dry film all over your face and body. Scrubbing could not only reveal newer yet it would polished our skin more and it revitalizes our skin to receive the benefits of our mosturizer.

Change your scent : If the cold weather gets you down and lousy, ditch your heavy, musky perfume for a fresher fragrance with hints of citrus. It has been said that the citrusy scents are generally associated with the happy and carefree vibe of summer, spritzing them on can make you cool your mood and can help you feel more positive.

Brighten your eyes : Don’t you know that the default charcoal and black shades can actually can contribute to your gloomy mood. So when your feeling down, just line your lower lash line with lilac eyeshadow to perk you up.

Try something new : Be adventorous and have fun with make up techniques. As what they said there’s no harm in making experiment as long as you don’t look idiot or silly when you go out.

Looking pretty for yourself is not bad at all as long as you still do the usual things that you and your family always did. Wouldn’t be so nice when your husband and kids approach you and will tell you “Mom you look so good today?”

I tell you this make up techniques would make your husband to bring you some flowers and will treat you the way he courted you so many years ago.

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