She Don’t Believe In Me

The very first thing that came up to my mind when Terry and I decided to just get married here was my second eldest sister. I have asked her few times to go back home once in a while to see and visit her daughter Mariel.

But since her boss won’t allow her yet, plus her money is not enough for the stuff needed to settle here, she keeps on saying no to it yet. I didn’t mean she don’t want to go home, of course she like to but there are things needed to prioritize first and these things needed for her to stay for a while in Singapore.

She told me once if I’d get married here. She will do her best to get home at least to attend the wedding and if our plan will pursue on June, that would be a double celebration because it’s the birthday also of her daughter, my niece Mariel.

I suddenly told her about the news of getting married here. I was laughing when she told me to confirm it because she hardly believes in it that I will finally settle down here. The funny thing was that she’s asking the bride to be to confirm her own wedding. [Hahaha!!!]

Well, actually I seem to understand what she mean and I don’t blame her at such. First I have told her that we are processing the fiancée visa but until now we seem can’t make it the reason why we decided to just cancel it and jump to the plan B. Second was the supposed to be my trip going there last November, I was already in the airport when everything just went wrong. And third well I hope this time we can make it real. I hope God will help us in preparing this event.

And I hope that even I am too kulit to Terry, his love will take long until forever.

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4 Responses to “She Don’t Believe In Me”

  1. Liza says:

    good luck anne. i hope everything turns out well for you.

    A Simple Life

  2. Dhemz says:

    wow girl…hehhehe..can’t wait to see the photos by looking forward to see the photos….flower girls diay imo mga tsikiting ani diay…btw, what happened to the fiancee visa? just curious…:)

  3. anne says:

    thanks liza

  4. anne says:

    pinahold ko kasi ung fiancee visa nuon kasi dito ako gusto manganak nuong sinend namin yung bc ni faith this year ewan ko ano na nangyari but they cant seem to find our papers haaayy kaya i decided na lang to get married here

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