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How To Get Lucky This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is fast approaching and I guess everyone is thinking what things to do to get lucky this year. I was thinking to only buy a Tikoy on Monday but when I watched TV tonight, one news program featured of what things to prepare on the table and what else to do to ensure a lot of good luck this coming Chinese New Year.

Now here are some points to sweep away those bad luck and welcoming the good fortune:

Make a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator and freezer- Take out the ancient iffy things such as the almost expired medicine syrup or the forgotten milk and butter and replace all the water from the container or jar which is half-full. Clean it thoroughly and defrost the freezer.

Take all the unnecessary things that covered in your refrigerator door- This are to create a clean slate. So take out all the decorations, notes or reminders, magnets and the like. It could only not swiping away those papers but it could also lighten up your feeling when you try to open the door of your refrigerator without those messy things in the cover.

Clean your stove and stovetop make the burner shiny and if that won’t work out anymore because it has never been replace for a decade then maybe this is the time to replace it to get the new good looking.

Get out a broom and sweep the kitchen and then from the kitchen to the nearest door- This could help you put away all the bad luck during the past years and bring in the new lots of lucks this new year. And don’t sweep and hide the broom inside the closet that no one could ever see during the celebration of the New Year, in that way all the money fortune along with the New Year’s would stay inside the house.

Make sure to buy foods to fill in the refrigerator – The refrigerator should not be left empty so do a grocery shop two days before the New Year so your fridge will be filled with bounty.

Buy nine perfectly circle orange and put them in a bowl then serve it in New year’s, nuts and other circle fruits could do too. This is a symbol of abundance through out the year.

Kung Hei Fat Chui to all of you and may we live in prosperity and abundant life, even the economy crisis seems to kicking in this year yet always remember that there is no and nothing else could be as powerful than prayer.

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The Vampire Fish

Terry teases me always about vampire’s sardines, that we should avoid letting Faith to eat sardines because she might transform to a baby vampire sardines. He is just kidding you know, adding and putting the words together so it would create some rhymes.
But today, he asked me suddenly if I known a vampire fish. I thought of piranha or sharks but he said none of the two. And he then send me a link about this bloodsucking fish in Amazon called Candiru.

It said that candiru’s habit are enough to make anyone squirm. The Candiru feeds parasitically by burrowing into body orifices then drinking the blood of its victim. It detect urine in the water to find a host. It can lodge itself into the urethra, the tube inside the penis. Barbs along its side it in place. Removing one without surgery is almost impossible.

This new fish is about 25 mm long and feeds off larger fish by swimming into their gill slits and sucking their blood.

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