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On The Day She Was Born

As a first time Mom when I was still bearing Mj, I never had a single clue how painful could it take when you are in labor. I have asked some friends about it and one friend told me that when you are in labor, it is like one half of your body is in the grave and the other half is struggling to survive.

At that time I have no one to turn to only my prayers to GOD has given me enough strength that I could still go on even that mean I would strive alone in life with my baby. Thanks to Clarinda and my best friend Janeth whom I never see now for how many years, because they did not stop of telling me that the storm would settle down someday, I just got to have faith.

God has always been there even though I questioned him a lot of times and it was just clear out one morning or let’s say maybe I was dreaming. He said that I should not lose hope, the baby that I would be with someday will be my happiness and the love I longed for will be through with her. I should not worry for tomorrow because it has been taken cared of. I would survive and I should.

And when I woke up I felt so light and I believed this thing I would surely overcome maybe not that instant but soon. I still felt so scared of how the labor would go I asked God to give me sign in any way that was remain questionable.

Then one night a woman’s voice whispered in my ears three times and said I should get up, the baby will come out soon. I got up and wondered where was the voice came from and then suddenly I remembered it was my Mom’s voice! I went to the bathroom and found out I was already bleeding. I asked my sisters to get up and told them I will deliver soon.

My Sister Lilian was the one who accompanied me to the hospital and on the 27th at exactly 11:57 a.m. a baby was born, my very own Mj, that cute smile, that brave baby in my womb now turning to be eight years old on Tuesday.

When I recall back how painful it was when I deliver her to that room where it was jam-packed with a series of excruciating pain of all the mothers. Not to mention that I shivered too much right after I deliver her, I even asked the Doctor to operate me instead because I almost cannot bear the pain already and how she reacted and scolded me right and then, telling me I have to bear the pain and have it normal. Those unforgotten days that until now it remains in my thoughts make me smile today.

Mj has been my fortress and my lucky charm. A very sweet kid who is sometimes stubborn but independent, a child who never forgets to hug me and tell me she loves me everyday.

For my eldest daughter who loves her sister very much, Happy 8th birthday and always remember that no matter what, you are always my very own Mj who gave me the unconditional love and that Daddy Terry would always be proud of you!

Flashback: She was three years old at that time yet when she asks me where to buy a father and how much does the father cost? She even asks me to buy one for her, I didn’t know how to react but at that time I gave her my warmest hug. Anyway, our prayers were heard though because GOD sends us Terry who loves not only me but her too.
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A To Z Tag

Got a tag from a wonderful friend Grace of The Beauty Within. Thank you Grace for always remembering me and I hope even we are not seeing that much already, our friendship would still continue until the end of time.

A – Attached or Single? – Very Attached
B – Best Friend? – Terry
C – Cake or pie? Cake but I don’t eat to the last bite just one slice then I’m ok.
D – Day of choice? – Saturday and Sunday
E – Essential item? – Cellphone ( I can forget all things but not my cellphone)
F – Favorite Color? – Blue and Pink
G – Gummy Bears or Worms? – I think Gummy Bears
H – Hometown? – The land of promise Davao
I – Indulgence? – Chatting with Terry while blogging
J – June or July? – June, our target month for our wedding
K – Kids?– 2 girls both are makulit and outgoing but sweet
L – Life is not complete w/o – God, Terry, kids and my Family
M – Marriage date? – Hopefully on June
N – Number of magazine subscriptions – I don’t subscribe but I am buying whatever magazine I would like
O – Orange or apple? – Orange
P – Phobias? – Highways
Q – Quotes? – If God denies you of something good, he is planning to give you something better, if God denies you of something better, he is planning to give you the best.
R – Reason to smile? – My kids, Terry, Nieces, Nephews and Sisters
S – Season of choice? – It’s always summer here, no choice
T – Tag peopleAmor, Anni, and Mimot
U – Unknown fact about me – Small but terrible (hehehe)
V – Vegetable? – uhmmm let me think about that?
W – Worst habit? – I can stay in front in the computer whole day if I won’t descipline myself
X – Xray or ultrasound? – Xray
Y – Your favorite foods? – Sea foods
Z – Zodiac sign – Scorpio

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I Need To Know

It has been a while now that I haven’t buy a CD movie, I am sure the kids are missing it. I used to only rent before but since the nearest video house I usually went for renting movies was close, I have no choice but to buy one in a movie shop.

Yesterday, after I went for shopping I thought to buy a love story movie but I was able to glance at this tape, which surely MJ and the family will ever love. You know, we’re so into Barbie and we watched almost all the episode of it.

I personally like the way they sing and the oh so feminine but adventurous moves of the princesses. This morning just when we woke up, my eldest daughter hurriedly played the tape and everyone of us can’t get off our eyes in the monitor, well Faith likes the singing part, she seems enjoying the voice of Ro.

Here’s one of her song:

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