A To Z Tag

Got a tag from a wonderful friend Grace of The Beauty Within. Thank you Grace for always remembering me and I hope even we are not seeing that much already, our friendship would still continue until the end of time.

A – Attached or Single? – Very Attached
B – Best Friend? – Terry
C – Cake or pie? Cake but I don’t eat to the last bite just one slice then I’m ok.
D – Day of choice? – Saturday and Sunday
E – Essential item? – Cellphone ( I can forget all things but not my cellphone)
F – Favorite Color? – Blue and Pink
G – Gummy Bears or Worms? – I think Gummy Bears
H – Hometown? – The land of promise Davao
I – Indulgence? – Chatting with Terry while blogging
J – June or July? – June, our target month for our wedding
K – Kids?– 2 girls both are makulit and outgoing but sweet
L – Life is not complete w/o – God, Terry, kids and my Family
M – Marriage date? – Hopefully on June
N – Number of magazine subscriptions – I don’t subscribe but I am buying whatever magazine I would like
O – Orange or apple? – Orange
P – Phobias? – Highways
Q – Quotes? – If God denies you of something good, he is planning to give you something better, if God denies you of something better, he is planning to give you the best.
R – Reason to smile? – My kids, Terry, Nieces, Nephews and Sisters
S – Season of choice? – It’s always summer here, no choice
T – Tag peopleAmor, Anni, and Mimot
U – Unknown fact about me – Small but terrible (hehehe)
V – Vegetable? – uhmmm let me think about that?
W – Worst habit? – I can stay in front in the computer whole day if I won’t descipline myself
X – Xray or ultrasound? – Xray
Y – Your favorite foods? – Sea foods
Z – Zodiac sign – Scorpio

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  1. Gee says:

    Thanks for making this tag…nice one

  2. anne says:

    hehee your welcome grace!

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