My Internet Connection Is Acting Up

It started last week that it began to act so strange. My connection even the technical support had a hard time figuring out which tower my antennae would be getting signal when it was installed last year, I never had a problem with a sudden disconnection even if it rains. But since last week it really got my patience because I can just enjoy my moment for only 30 minutes and then I would be disconnected all a sudden.

I was already looking for another Internet connection company but until now I still didn’t get any survey. When I inquire about the schedule the ghastly old looking in charge told me that they couldn’t get any schedule of when would be my schedule. [LOL] (Then why they are trying to invite people to used their service while they cannot give enough information to the customer, sometimes! Grrrr we lack customer service. Hmp).

So I got no choice but to extend my patience with the on and off service of my recent Internet Service Provider. Not to mention that the machine operator have a never ending lousy spill whenever you call them that sometimes just before you were able to reach to a human operator your signal was cut off. And that you have to hear it over and over again the irritating voice of the machine telling you what number to press in and informing you that if you did not open your computer then you have to call them back.

Just come to think of it, your 30 minutes can be used up just to hear that operator machine before you could reach to a real one. I hope they will do their best to fix whatever the causes of this stuff and I wish that they’re going to response and reach up to me once the other department receives my concern. That’s the only thing that they can compliment me.

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2 Responses to “My Internet Connection Is Acting Up”

  1. Mom of Four says:

    Isn’t it annoying when that thing happens? Mine gets on and off and it’s so frustrating. When my hubby gets back from North Carolina, he will have it changed to a different company..I have no patience talking to Customer Service people, I get mad and yell right away.. Pinay kasi eh, matapang..

  2. anne says:

    hehehe hi girl, uhmmm kanina kalmado muna ako but once this thing will not be fix ay they have to watch out my blabby mouth too naaah

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