Insensitive Neighbors

I just want to air out how badly I feel for our neighbor right now. First, was when our extension was built they ask us to use the back part where they also going to build an extension for their kitchen. We said yes in exchange with one condition since the other half where the fence will built was not done yet, we ask them to at least finish the fence at the back beside the kitchen extension since we don’t ask them to pay the other half of how much we expend for the said extension.

They said their budget was not enough at that time, which I understand and said I will be the one to buy for the materials instead and since they already started with their extension, I suggested for them to shoulder the labor as soon as their extension is done. I bought 100 pieces or more hollow blocks in preparation for the fence, I even put the hollow blocks in their front yard so in case they will start with the fence they can just start working with it immediately.

Weeks pass by, I notice that the hollow blocks were already lacking and yet the fence was not even started. I was already pissed off at that time, so I ask Sister to get all the hollow blocks and place it in our back yard, near also at their back yard. So it is still easy for them to get the materials needed when they start the fence. When sister asked them about the hollow blocks they told us they used some and will just pay for the blocks that they used (in which they still did not pay until now)

The weeks rolled into months, the fence still not built until I decided to build a fire wall as the fence from their back yard to our back yard so I could not see his bumpy face due to a severe cracking of pimples. And guess what they still have the nerves to hammer at the back of our extension! I don’t know what they are up to, but it’s so irritating to hear the hammer at nighttime, and gosh our wall is beginning to crack and the gutter has a hole already.

And you know what? Right at this time they are still hammering at the back of our wall, the sounds even so loud and it’s so irritating. They are so thick face and to the fact that his work is related to public service, fighting for the rights of the unfortunate Filipino’s but what is he doing now, he is definitely a fake one, a very insensitive human being.

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4 Responses to “Insensitive Neighbors”

  1. Amor says:

    Kabalo ka Anne sa ako balay sa Davao,nagpakoral man ko,wala nalang mi nag expect na makipaghati pa nag likod sa amo balay sa pader kay I’m sure dili gyd na sila moshare,swerte kaayo sila kay grabeh gyd kataas ug kalapad ang koral ba.nalibre sila.

    Nah labi pa na makita na puti ang imo bana,dili gyd na sila moshare ba.

  2. anne says:

    lagot gani ko ani among silingan mor, wla na gani sila gabayad sige pa jud nilag dukduk ning luyo nga wall nga gihimo sad nilang extension lagot jud ko.

  3. Hazelicious929 says:

    hala oi, some people have no sense at all Anne. Why not talk to them about it so both will have a peace of mind. Do it in a calm way para walay gubot.

    Next time don’t offer anything na jud kay mudako na ilaha mata if it is libre or something. kabalo naman ka sa mga attitude sa mga lain pinoy diba?

  4. anne says:

    na girl tag dugay man ni sila manguli kay nagtrabaho man ni sa radyo lami lagi ipabombo hehehehe

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