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I Am Not Feeling Well

Since my Internet Connection was totally gone off this morning, I decided to take a nap in the living room so to prepare for the hot sunny day outside.

I had to go out to pay for the bills that are due today and I should confirm the reservation of the hotel where we would stay when Terry will be here on the next vacation. When I cross the street going to Pag Ibig, I suddenly felt dizzy good thing I was still able to hold it, thinking I was only hungry.

I didn’t eat lunch before I went to pay our house because again I ran out of time already. So I have to wait for a series of number before mine, before I could eat in the nearest MC Donald. I was imagining already the coke float, the chicken and the rice.

I thought my dizziness would go as soon as I feed my stomach but naah! It even gets worst because my tummy aches so badly and my head seems so heavy. I think this is because I slept too late every night and I woke up so early to help Mj prepare for her school.

So folks tonight I might rest early I think I really need to recharge fully and that means I can’t again drop EC as many as I could, please bear with me (ugh!)

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