My Eldest Daughter In American Idol?

We used to watch every night The American Idol season eight in TV and this afternoon as we seriously watching the program, while Mj was lying in the sofa and was trying her might not to move because of her stiff neck.

She just crack a remarkable question on me and you know what that is? Well, she only asked “Mom, if I auditioned myself there, can I sing the “Hawak Kamay?” (Hawak Kamay is the famous song in the Philippines last two years ago and she always remembers it because this was the song they had sung in their graduation day when she was yet a kindergarten). I was laughing so hard to hear that question from her, my sister responded her that she should choose the English song and not that.

Although that was only a spur moment of her thinking to be joining in American Idol, I can’t put the idea down anyway that, what if one day she audition herself in such TV contest and after the stressful days of competing, she had win over it. Wow! I might be the one lucky mother to be with her on the stage, congratulating her. [Hehehe] Terry doesn’t like the idea because he prefers her to be a medical doctor but whatever she want for her life someday, we will give her our full support.

My Eldest daughter to join in American Idol? Uhmmm, let me think about it or maybe sleep to stop dreaming that to happen [Hahaha]

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9 Responses to “My Eldest Daughter In American Idol?”

  1. momgen says:

    Dreams is only a dram if you will not do it. If MJ wants to be one of those American Idol finalist then let it be who knows one day you are like the mom of Charice very proud of her daughters success. I have some friends told me about auditioning in a certain singing contest I am eager but I have a stage fear so cannot be. I can sing in the videokey but in a stage no way hahha.

  2. anne says:

    na pareho ta gen I like to sing but the song wont like me or my voice either hahaha

  3. inday_adin says:

    hehehe…. she might wanna enter some singing competition there in Pinas mommy Anne B! 🙂

  4. anne says:

    hahaha na mao ron ambot lang niya oi kugihan man sad ni mag sige kanta kanta hahaha

  5. Hazelicious929 says:

    Hello Anne! ka nice ba oi, at least your daughter have a dream and she have a wide imagination… mahimo jud na superstar someday hehehe

  6. SLColman says:

    Cute story!!
    BTW I nominated you for an award over at my blog so come check it out over at 🙂

  7. anne says:

    hahahha mokatawa na lang ko zel baga ra ba ni ug nawong

  8. Gee says:

    why nut? peanut? she’s adorable…not impossible

  9. anne says:

    bwahahaha I just laugh my lungs out lol

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