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My Day Starts With A Headache

My headache began at three a.m. at dawn when Faith awakens me with her oi oi sounds. She stood up and I greeted her with my warm smile but as soon as I tried to get up to get her so I would let her fall asleep, my head aches so hard.

When Faith notices that I was ignoring her, she pick up her bottle and throw it outside her crib while trying to call me. I tried to get up and pick her up; I brought her to the kitchen so I could prepare her a new bottle of milk.

I thought that the headache will go away this morning if I would wake up late, but it didn’t, I think I just needed more rest so I told Terry I can’t stay, that long online and will just buzz him after an hour.

I bathe Faith first and give her to sister Irenie then headed to bed. I woke up at 10:30 a.m. and went to my computer, but Terry was not online already instead he left me a message saying he was already sleepy and he will talk to me later tonight.

I thought I was alright so I watched TV with the kids but I my head started to pain again, my sister told me I maybe over fatigue, I might need to take a herbal medicine. But since we don’t have some in our house, I put some liniment instead in my head and went to bed again.

And as my headache went away after I woke up this afternoon my tummy began to hurt all so sudden.

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