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Banner For The Kids

Since I have some of the things ready for the party, I thought maybe tonight is the right time to work for the banner for the upcoming party.

Kuya James asked me to find a background that would suit for the theme. And since I choose a Barney Mascot, maybe a glimpse of Barney in the banner would look best. After looking for the Barney image and some pictures for the banner, Kuya James immediately made a lay out for it and the invitation card as well. They look the same though some areas for the invitation card were edited.

Both were done now, I just have to buy an envelope for the card and have the banner run in a machine intended for tarpaulin.

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I Gave You Six Peso Coins And Yet You Still Stole My One Peso Coin

My Mom was a devoted Catholic when she was still alive, she was an active member of Charismatic Organization but she slowly become inactive because of her business in the wet market. She sells fish and the like that made her so busy; she even included the Sunday and spent her time selling wet goods.

My mom worked hard for us that she didn’t realize she already forgotten to hear mass or attend their gatherings. We were abundant when Mom still has her business, but even so, Dad was inviting her to go with him when he goes to church. My Dad was also a devoted Catholic before but my Mom kept herself busy on her business.

One day, she got sick and was admitted in the hospital. My dad loves my Mom so much that sometimes we found him crying in a corner, praying so hard that my Mom will soon recover soon. But it was not answered, her illness made her become so weak. One day, she asked my Dad to send her a priest so she could confess and asked for forgiveness. She told Dad that she dream of a man said “I already gave you six pesos but you still stole my one peso.” Dad did not figure it out at first but later he realized that the man was our GOD trying to tell my Mom of the seven days of the week, we can spend or do anything in that six days and Sunday should we spend our time with him. It is not a hard task, in fact he only asking for only one day together with him.

My Dad cried and went to get a priest in the Church. Mom was able to confess before she died. Our neighbor even saw her walking with an umbrella under the rain going to the church, she asked her if she was already recover, my mom seems didn’t hear her and just went on. Our neighbor told us that she saw Mom; my sister was surprised and informed her that God already took our Mom and in fact when she saw Mom walking at that very hour. It was the time that Mom was gone for heaven.

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I Want Some Light

It is truly annoying when suddenly the light went off without any prior notice from the electric company, and you were not able to buy a battery for your flashlights. I experienced it myself, I was even hit myself in a door because you can only see darkness around you.

I have learned from it and promised to myself that I should be ready for any circumstances that may happen in the middle of the night. Just recently I bought led lights bulbs for my flashlight, my friend who recommend this has been telling me that it really help her a lot, since she like camping and outdoor more specially when the electric is out. You can actually use the bulb its either in your office or at home.

It only not give you enough full line of energy efficient but a long lasting one that you could use for quiet few years.

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Hiring To Entertain The Kids And The Big Kids

Clarinda of My Rendezvous has been telling me, this service of entertaining and setting a program for the kids on their birthdays. I was not convinced at first because in my thought I can set up games for the kids and to hire someone to do that would be a waste of money.

When I saw the entertaining tricks of the guy whom Clarinda and her family hired for her nephew last May, I must admit that it was really awesome even the big kids had fun watching the show. I thought to hire them on Faith baptismal but at that time I was uncertain because of the cost that we spent on the venue.

But since I am already earning and had saved enough for the food and the cake, and I also had some money left from my electric bill Terry sent me yesterday, I went to their office, hoping I could still get a reservation. The girl in charge joyfully accommodated me right away and called their main office to inquire if they could still serve us on Sunday.

I was so glad that the slot is still vacant and they are available for us. The kids must enjoy the show and the big kids as well. So for the meantime, I have to forget the wedding preparation to concentrate to our love bug’s double birthday party!

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